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One day while reading to my children, I came across a Hopi myth of creation, an ancient Native American story of how the world was made and by what laws it evolves or declines. The tale was vast, wise, and brilliant–and radically different from the Bible accounts I had grown up with. The thought dawned on me that every culture must have a creation story. Reading widely, I discovered a world treasury of such narratives…each with a vision of nature’s essentially miraculous source. But each story exists in isolation from all others.

I became radicalized, too. Why weren’t we teaching and celebrating these grand, wise tales? What better way to promote enjoyment of diverse cultures as we have with diverse foods? And why was the topic seemingly taboo? Is there only one right taste or tale or tree?

Since each creation story is treasured by its culture of origin, the imaginative walls around each are high. What an opportunity for democracy to open the borders of thought. Survival may depend on our daring to defend imaginative freedom. All creation starts with a story. Each is right, and all are right. None should govern us.

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