The Woman Whose Eyes Could Fly

Those who win magical powers by kindness and love rather than by force triumph surprisingly often. Titles and brief story descriptions for all my CDs.

1. The Woman Whose Eyes Could Fly (Oahu, Hawaii): A mother of six has magical powers, which she hides from her husband and children–until she learns the hard way that sharing feels much better.

2. The Giant Witch Baby With Iron Teeth (Russia): A neglected boy prince must flee from his terrifying little sister. His good-hearted ways win him refuge with the most magical little sister of all.

3. The Spider Wife (Portugal): A carefree lad has parents who disapprove his happy-go-lucky attitude, but he proves his worth in a most surprising way.

4. Wild Onions (Mono, Northen California): On a mountainside, six women discover a new food, but their husbands cannot stand the smell and banish their wives. The women use their magic powers to leave for the sky.

5. The Queen Bee (Grimms Brothers, Germany): A kindly younger brother must rescue his two hard-hearted brothers who have fallen under a spell. Allies in nature help younger brother win the sweetest prize of all.

6. Three Old Men (Russia, Adapted from Tolstoy): An archbishop spends a day teaching three hermits the right way to pray, until they prove that their way works, too.

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Excerpt from The Giant Witch Baby With Iron Teeth:

When she found Ivan missing, the witch baby swelled up in fury, growing bigger and bigger and bigger until what was left of the palace fell to pieces. Then she took off and chased after Ivan.

The stallion galloped and galloped, but when Ivan looked back, there was the giant witch baby running after him with long strides, going faster than his horse. They came to a lake, and the black horse leapt to the far shore. There, Ivan threw down the magic handkerchief.

All at once, the lake grew as wide and as deep as an ocean, so the giant witch baby had to swim, and swimming takes longer than running. She gnashed her iron teeth! “You shan’t get away from me!”

Carla – Age 9 (Berkeley, CA)
“I love Beatrice’s voices, Sara’s music, and that you learn so much about nature.”

Helen Whitney – Filmmaker (NYC)
“Wow! Not only are you a brilliant storyteller, but your pleasure in telling the tales deepens the power of the performance. My crew and I listened, enthralled.”

“All wonder tales-fairytales, folktales, and nature myths-stretch our imaginations and these stories will stretch your imaginations to amazing lengths! These are some of the very stretchiest stories that I tell. Here you will find both terror and delight and some utterly wild characters: a giant witch baby with iron teeth, a fabulous black stallion, three surprisingly powerful old hermits, a mother with astonishing secret powers, a young man who marries a spider, and more truly unforgettable figures. Watch for the sweet secrets of survival that hide everywhere here, too. My wish is that these stories stay with on you always and guide you on the risky road of life.” ~ Beatrice Bowles