ringofriddles-2A Ring of Riddles: my YA eco-occult thriller

Greta Grabhorn may appear to be a timid eighth grader, but she is not. Even Barbe-Tort, the evilest man in France, proves no match for her startling powers. When Greta inherits a priceless ring from Gaya, her French-American grandmother, she inherits a mission far beyond her reach, as well. Possession of the ring sets her on a collision course with the villainous Barbe-Tort–who was Gaya’s assassin, Greta suspects. The ring is key to Gaya’s ambitious plan to save what is left of nature, but the plan itself remains a mystery. During a stay in Paris with her quirky French aunt Tia, Greta’s emerging powers with the ring are put to the test at night in the city streets. On skates! But is that Barbe-Tort she spots in the crowd?



I read your enchanting A RING OF RIDDLES this afternoon. I am totally dazzled. It’s vivid, endearing, smart, filled with suspense and great characters. A lovely read. I liked the way you sketched out the omelette, the croque monsieur, the frisee salad, and the creme brûlée –I could crack that sugar shell this moment. You have nailed it. Is it YA for 13 year olds–or for 69 year olds such as I? You’ve done a noble job. It will be a best seller. I am in such a happy mood after reading your book. It’s priceless, just like the ring.

Peggy Knickerbocker: Winner of the 2017 James Beard Award, author of Simple Soirees and Olive Oil: From Tree to Table.