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The value of audiobooks of stories:

1. Development of visual imagination: Audiobooks bring words and books alive! In listening to stories, children hear an expressive flow of words that moves them to imagine characters, settings, and actions.

2. Development of vocal expression: The voice of a good storyteller will enchant and motivate children to emulate the musical quality of well-spoken words as they listen.

3. Development of delight in narrative power: Storytellers on tape often create special voices and sound effects to heighten the drama and fun of the story and stir children’s own vocal and verbal creativity as they grow.

4. Development of pleasure in listening and understanding how narrative works. Hearing a variety of audiobooks of stories opens children’s minds to the delights of different styles of telling and the many styles of story structure.

5. Development of cultural awareness: Audiobooks of stories from around the world can introduce children to likenesses among cultures such as the universal value of kindness, of empathy with nature, and the importance of using your wits.

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Audiotapes enliven time on the road. Children and adults agree.

“Amita listens to ‘Heaven’s A Garden in the Heart’ every morning on the way to school. She already knows ‘Monkey King’ and ‘The Perilous Pomegranate’ by heart!” John Krich – Father & Writer (Wall Street Journal, Planet Shanghai, Bangkok, Thailand)

“Grammy, I want to hear the story again where the whirlwind comes and woooeeees the princesses away.” Ula Kaftan (age 4)

“We love to travel together on a legendary journey, transported by charmingly voiced words and strains of magical music, to conquer The Little Man No Bigger Than your Thumb with Mustaches Seven Miles Long!Diana Kaftan – Artist & Ulla’s Grandmother

“My 8 year old and her friends listened over and over to Beatrice’s stories on our ride from Tahoe. They even refused to get out of the car until the last story ended… again! Storytelling! Voice, intonation, rhythm, all combine to perfection on her CDs. Dramatic, mischievous, funny, sweet, delicate, joyful, Beatrice has all these voices within her! Each story’s musical setting adds charm and magic to the drama.
After the long trip I interviewed the three girls:

Q: What do you like about this CD?
A: My favorite part is the voice of monkey king!
A: I like what the stories tell you about nature and the seasons.
A: Bea has a very clear voice and she can make so many different voices, too.
A: I loved everything there was nothing I did not like!
Q: Any recommendations for Beatrice?
A: MORE STORIES! I cannot wait for the next CD!”

Sonia Fava – Owner of Casa Hispana (Spanish Language School)

According to Scholastic, among the benefits of hearing audiobooks of stories are:

1. Liveliness: Helping a child “see how the words on the page can come alive in a fluid, expressive way. Listening helps a child focus on the sounds of words read without interruption and provides a model of fluent reading.”

2. Preparation for reading: Audio books also offer “an important introduction to listening – a skill that must be mastered in order to learn to read. Many books on tape have interesting sound effects, and music that that is especially motivating and fun for young children.

3. Reading for delight: Narrators on tape tend to embellish their storytelling with various voices and dramatic enhancements. They emphasize reading as a source of pleasure rather than a skill, and make children eager to learn how to read. Beyond their sheer enjoyment of audio books, children also develop a sense of narrative structure and understanding of language. Stories on tape help children “to grasp the rich and various ways in which language distills and conveys meaning. In addition, exposing your child to a range of narrators and their different styles of reading will deepen his or her grasp of the reading process.”