Children of Desire

Beatrice Bowles, writer and storyteller, has gathered creation stories from five different cultures to create a modern initiation experience. Creation myths often serve to introduce the initiate to enduring sources of wisdom. In this collection, we meet many creators, from West Africa, Tahiti, Northern Europe; South America, and the Hopi tradition from North America.

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Carla – Age 9 (Berkeley, CA)
“I love Beatrice’s voices, Sara’s music, and that you learn so much about nature.”

Annotation from the author

“When we enter the mythic dimensions we begin to see great patterns in our own lives. This supports us in being able to make choices beyond our habitual patterns and beliefs. “If you have a myth working in your life (everyone does) and if you can see it, you can actually add to it. Also you can change it; you can banish certain things which have inhibited you,” says Bowles. She goes on to explain how myths connect us “to the incredible system of intelligence, wisdom and law that we inhabit.” You will also hear five creation stories from various cultures and hear storyteller Bowles talk about how these stories are relevant to our lives.” (Hosted by Michael Toms)

~ Beatrice Bowles