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Tiny Creatures Can Triumph: from my new Toy Storybook project for kids.

Butterfly Blue reads a story to Button and three Garden Children about Ant and Bee who circled the Earth on a quest. Now the Garden Children must search for a weaver who can mend Earth’s tattered web of life. Can they succeed? Stay tuned. 

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Beatrice Bowles

A mention by Leah Garchik!

Why I tell wild stories to children…for SF Chronicle LEAH GARGIK SF Chronicle For years, Beatrice Bowles, practitioner of the ancient craft of storytelling, has been sharing tales

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Spider Tales
Beatrice Bowles

One Night in Oraibi

Once long ago, a Hopi storyteller told me to listen for the voice of Spider Grandmother, weaver of the web of life, who still whispers

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