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In this time of cruel and greedy leaders, here is an Alaskan tale of an intrepid mother and her brave boy who rescue the Sun from an ice-hearted chief, and save their people. A story with original music that radiates courage, inspiration, and hope to delight children—and all of us—today.

The Beaming Maiden
Music by Sarah Buchanan MacLean

And here’s a follow-up activity: Ask children to imagine the sun, always beaming, even when it is hidden behind storm clouds, or by the shadow of night as Earth spin around the sun’s central fire, our source of life. Then, have them watch how the sun melts ice. Ask children to imagine that they, too, have the power to melt the ice of suffering and fear within and to free their own inner suns.

We all can imagine that for ourselves when life feels cold and gloomy, as it often does today with all the harm being done to nature and to human nature. When we remember to slow our minds and our hearts, there is joy to be found deep in the blood. Let this ancient tale connect you and your children to an eternal source of warmth, love, and faith in justice. Another spider secret!

The music that accompanies this recording was composed and performed by Sara Buchanan MacLean. “Ice Heart and the Beaming Maiden” is from my audio storybook, Heaven is a Garden in the Heart, which is available for purchase here.

My book, Spider Grandmother’s Web of Wonders, is available for purchase here.

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