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Beatrice Bowles, Storyteller, Writer and Gardener

A Passion for Stories

My earliest memory is of sunshine streaming into my grandfather’s yellow breakfast room and onto a blue bowl of raspberries before me. In that moment, life seemed miraculously beautiful and good–and fairy tales have always kept alive that feeling of wonder.

Once I could read, I devoured my grandmother’s books of stories from around the world. I marveled at the aliveness of all of nature from the sun and stars to trees and flowers and all creatures. I loved the ways that kindness triumphed over evil and goodness defeated greed. The stories gave me courage, hope and faith in justice. When my own children loved hearing stories, too, I became a storyteller to connect young people to the secret laws of nature and the challenges of human nature. May these stories take you on adventures you never imagined, reveal allies you never knew you had, and delight you beyond belief!


Each of my audiobooks/CDs bring together traditional tales from different cultures around a common theme.

All feature original music by composer, Sara Buchanan MacLean.


Tule Elk Park School GardenFrom the Seventies on, different accounts of creation from cultures worldwide offered a way to connect young people today to the universal sacredness of nature. When I proposed a recording of crearion stories to Michael and Justine Toms of New Dimensions Foundation, they assigned me a mentor, their star interviewee, world mythologist, Joseph Campbell. I almost fainted. His advice? “Look for the similarities.” Since nature gives us everything, long-lastimg cultures passed on their deepest wisdom about survival in stories.  Imagine what might happen if our all imaginative energies came together in compassion for the planet? Our program, ‘Children of Desire: Five Creation Stories from Around the World’ is available fron New Dimensions.


For my listeners, my three wishes are:

1. Emotional Connection: Open your hearts to perceive nature as a living matrix and our miraculous home.

2. Imaginative Connection: Activate your visual abilities and inhabit wild wonder tales from around the planet.

3. Intellectual Connection: Seek the deep and powerful likenesses between different cultures’ stories.

3 things to


Three things to remember...

"There's magic in kindness.
We need Nature far more than Nature needs us.
And keep wondering!"

Beatrice Bowles