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Children of Desire

In traditional rituals, creation myths served to connect young people to their ancestral wisdom. In these five different and delicious stories, you will meet creators from West Africa, Tahiti, Northern Europe, South America, and the Hopi tradition of North America. May each story make you wiser, stronger, and more imaginative as you navigate the road of life. “Always seek the  similarities, too,”urged my mentor, Joseph Campbell.

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Heaven’s a Garden in the Heart

Lively tales of Nature’s brilliant cycle of seasons

  • Iduna & the Iduna’s Magic Apples (Norse)
  • The Monkey King (Chinese)
  • The Perilous Pomegranate (Greece)
  • Ice Heart & the Beaming Maiden (Alaskan)
  • Mother Holle (German/Grimms)

“So wonderfully told with such lively imagination! ”
Erik Wu, Chinatown Alleyway Tours

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Spark Catchers

In these spunky stories, small creatures triumph against world class bullies!

  • The Old Woman Who Lived in a Vinegar Bottle (English)
  • The Little Man no Bigger than your Thumb with Mustaches Seven Miles Long (Russian)
  • The Twelve Months (Rumanian)
  • Molly Whuppie and the Big Bad Giant (English)
  • Psyche and Eros (Greco-Roman)

“I love Beatrice’s voices, Sara’s music, and that you learn so much about nature.”
Carla, age 9, Berkeley, CA

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Cloudspinner and the Hungry Serpent

Stories to stretch young imaginations to amazing lengths!

  • Cloudspinner & the Hungry Serpent (A Japanese Myth)
  • The Long Dangerous Journey (A Hopi-Tewa Myth)
  • The Theft of Thor’s Hammer (A Norse Myth)
  • Mother Air & Mother Water (A Finnish Myth)
  • The Hidden Ball (A Makiritare Myth)

“Your stories are suspenseful, mind boggling, mysterious, thoughtful, exciting, funny, mystical, happy, and off the wall!”
Lucinda, Fourth Grade, Bank Street School, New York

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The Girl Who Said No!

Stories of witty ways to outwit bullies and overcome opposing forces.

  • The Girl Who Said NO! (Norwegian)
  • The Suncatcher (Cherokee)
  • The Lost Spear (South African)
  • The First Rainbow (Acomawi)
  • Connla and the Fairy Maiden (Celtic)
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