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Stories to stretch young imaginations to amazing lengths! Wonder tales from Hawaii to Portugal, Russia, and Northern California!


















Beatrice Bowles is a fantastic storyteller and a perfect addition to any event. We hired Beatrice to record two stories told live for our original collection Story Party: The Complete Collection. With over eight hours of stories to choose from, we elected to start the collection off with one from Beatrice since she has the perfect voice and performance style to help one get lost in the world of stories. Beatrice told tales from different cultures that were both fun and imaginative-we love her stories for both children and adults and endorse her storytelling prowess!

– Matt Beagle, producer, Audible, 2018
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You are great at telling stories and we love your voice. We like when our teacher lets us listen to your CD’s during class. Thank you for sharing your stories with our class!” –Tahtinen’s Firsties

Henderson Mill Elementary School, Georgia 2017 (via Skype in the Classroom) 


The Girl Who Said NO!, 2015

One of the loveliest qualities that Beatrice brings to our classroom is an understanding of nature as the source of different world cultures though the stories she tells and weaves together. If we could, we would have her in every week. Beatrice captivates children of all ages with her storytelling and spinning. She is master of her craft.

Adam Zappa, Kindegarten Teachr, La Scuola Italiana, San Francisco, 2017



Your new stories  have a real edge, as folktales should– which make them so fascinating, a tiny bit scary, and relevant​. We are so used to the bland Disney-fication of traditional wonder tales. Finally, your storytelling is fantastic. You have such a beautiful voice, do a great job with different characters, and your accompanist underscores the drama beautifully.

Arden Buckin-Sporer, Executive Director, Education Outside, 2017


I want you to know how much your stories mean to me.  Somehow, since I’ve know you, little bits and pieces of them pop into my mind when I’m in trouble or worried or excited or happy – especially in these troubled times. Stories are important!  And you tell them beautifully.
Sara Buchanan MacLean, Composer, Teacher, Louisville, KY.

My kids really enjoyed your stories. They have already asked if they can listen to the other stories.
Celithia Tatinen, Henderson Mill Elementary School, Georgia, via Microsoft in the Classroom, 2017

I’ve been listening to Beatrice Bowles’s audio stories while touring the US giving concerts. The stories are wonderful companions during long hours on the road. They are designed for children to enjoy, but they are full of surprises, lessons, and beauty for adults as well. Beatrice has a great talent for unearthing timeless stories. Her mesmerizing voice combined with subtly performed background music by Sara Buchanan Maclean show us just how powerful and inspiring a well-told fairytale can be.

María Volonté, singer/composer, Latin Grammy nominee


Cloudspinner and the Hungry Serpent, 2014

You are a brilliant storyteller!
Reverend Dean Jane Shaw, Dean of Religious Life, Stanford University, Dean of Stanford University Chapel, Palo Alto, CA

Your stories are suspenseful, mind boggling, mysterious, thoughtful, exciting, funny, mystical, happy, and off the wall!
David, Fourth Grade, Bank Street School, New York City

Wow! Not only are you a brilliant storyteller, but your pleasure in telling the tales deepens the power of the performance. My crew and I listened, enthralled.
Helen Whitney, filmmaker, NYC

Congratulations! Your storytelling resource, Cloudspinner and the Hungry Serpent, will receive one of the prestigious 2015 Storytelling World Awards, will be featured in the April 2015 issue of Storytelling World/Storytelling Magazine.
Professor Flora Joy, Publisher

Beatrice Bowles ‘Cloudspinner and the Hungry Serpent,’ with music by composer Sara MacLean, lets the listener ‘wander through castles in the clouds.’ This collection embodies the ‘sound’ of what a storyteller for children should be. In this jazz-and-rhythm-infused journey, the colors of the story pour forth from the mouth of the teller and the fingers of the musician.
Sean Buvala, Storyteller & host

What an engaging retelling of stories, shimmering with the magic of creation.”
Malcolm Margolin, Publisher


Spark Catchers, 2009

My 8 year old and her friends listened over and over to Bea’s stories on our ride from Tahoe. They even refused to get out of the car until the last story ended..again!
. Dramatic, mischievous, funny, sweet, delicate, joyful, Beatrice has all these voices within her!
Sonia Fava, Head, Casa Hispana Language School, SF

I liked everything! The stories tell you so much about nature and the seasons. I cannot wait for the next CD!
Carla Fava-Schmitt, Third Grade, Berkeley, CA

“Grammy, I want to hear the story where the whirlwind comes and woooeeees the princesses away.”
Ula,age 4, Oakland, CA

“We love to travel together to conquer “The Little Man No Bigger Than your Thumb with Mustaches Seven Miles Long!”
Diana Kaftan, artist, Ula’s grandmother

Your stories make me feel like I’m at the movies or reading a book!
Loren, Fourth Grade, Claire Lilienthal School, San Francisco, CA


Heaven’s a Garden in the Heart 2002

Amita listens to ‘Heaven’s A Garden in the Heart’ every morning on the way to school. She already knows “Monkey King” and “The Perilous Pomegranate” by heart!
John Krich, Writer, WSJ, Planet Shanghai

Oh, it’s so wonderfully told with such lively imagination! I can imagine the story is very fun for kids because they’ll relate to Monkey King, always restless, jumpy, and energetic!
Eric Wu, Chinatown Alleyways Project

You are probably the only person that I have met who really likes their job. You tell great stories with a lot of feeling.
David, Third Grade, Tule Elk Park School, San Francisco, CA

Beatrice Bowles is more than just a storyteller. She doesn’t just tell a story. She creates stories and gets you involved in them. You are in and out of the stories. Healings occur and lessons are learned in a safe container of story. As a seminar organizer/coordinator, I recommend her highly.
Seijun Yanagida, Director, East-West Seminars

Beatrice’s stories are lively, witty, and chock full of fun!
Dixie Sheridan, Theatre photographer, NYC

Beatrice’s spirited myths and stories give children a true understanding of Nature’s sacredness in all nations and foster their own ‘green wisdom.’
Bob Hyland, Vice President, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, NY

As an educator and consultant to schools and families, I know that children, teachers and parents today are keenly aware of the power of traditional wonder tales to help the soul to thrive. Hearing these stories at home or in the car or the classroom, children will be fed over and over again, each time gaining more solid footing on their pathways through life.
Michele Hemenway, Consultant, Louisville, KY (502) 295-5155

World stories are a treasure of humankind. I love the stories Beatrice brings to us!
Jack Kornfield, Spirit Rock Center, Teacher, Writer, A Path with Heart