meet-the-little-pig-girlMeet the Little Pig Girl!

In a Grimm’s fairy tale, Son would be called “The Little Pig Girl.” Every day after school, Son climbs the muddy hills around her village to collect her neighbors’ food slops. She fills and empties the bucket into her family’s pigpen over fifty times before nightfall. Then she helps her mother make dinner. Son is luckier than many children in her school, but because of her gender, she is at great risk of being trapped in a life of enforced prostitution. A friend of her father’s has begun to weave a trap for her. “Son is pretty, intelligent, and could get a good job with a rich family in the capitol. Why waste her life on the rubber plantation?”

Now Son still feeds the pigs, but the donation has allowed her to stay in school. She has a new job working for her teacher, too, and she even volunteers at a Buddhist temple. It’s many kilometers from her village to town to the temple, so Son was able to buy a bike, as well, a pink one!

I donated via non-profit Children from Nowhere: