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As a child, I hid books of fairy tales inside my schoolbooks. Later, I found my own children adored hearing and reading stories,too. So I became a storyteller for children in schools, museums, libraries, and botanical gardens. When I proposed a recording of creation stories to New Dimensions Radio, mythical mythologist Joseph Campbell became my mentor, and Children of Desire was born. Vicki Noble brought alive our hidden heritage of Mother Earth stories, Darryl “Babe” Wilson shared Native California stories. I love sharing stories with children!

I want to hear from you! Send me illustrations of a scene you like, or your retelling of a story with you as the star!
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My recordings feature original musical settings created by acclaimed Louisville composer, Sara Buchanan MacLean.
Hear a recent interview with three of my stories and Sara’s music on BYU Radio’s The Apple Seed.


Hear a recent interview on BYU Radio – Listen here


Beatrice Bowles is a frequent storyteller at La Scuola Internazionale di San Francisco.
This year, the Kindergarten and First-grade classes celebrated Earth Day with Beatrice.
Her stories about the many meanings of springtime were met with wild enthusiasm.
She always receives many hugs from the children at the end. There can be no better accolade!

Ayesha Ercelawn
Garden and Environmental Science Educator
La Scuola Internazionale di San Francisco