Spider Secrets: Stories of Spiders:

A Harmony Hill storybook illustrated with woodcuts by Philip Kuznicki.
Five lively traditional tales starring wise, witty, and sometimes silly spiders.

The Lost Spear (South Africa)
The Spider Maiden (Japan)
How the Sun Came (Cherokee) Anansi’s Hat Shaking Dance (Africa)
Anansi’s Hat Shaking Dance (Africa)
The First Rainbow (Acomawi, N. California)

Beatrice’s stories are lively, witty, and chock full of fun!
Dixie Sheridan, Powerhouse Theatre, Vassar College, NY 




A Ring of Riddles: an eco-occult thriller

What happens when a shy, bookish eighth-grade misfit inherits a mystical ring and a wild destiny? Greta Grabhorn discovers that the ring is key to the secret mission for which her grandmother died. But the mission itself remains a mystery, a ring of riddles. And Greta has no idea that possession of the ring sets her on a collision course with her grandmother’s arch-enemy, the evilest man in France.


Your novel is vivid, endearing, smart, filled with suspense and great characters.
Peggy Knickerbocher, Travel and food writer, Simple Soirees, James Beard Award winner.
And my cooking consultant for French receipes.